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06/25/15 7 Things You Really Need To Know About Medicare But Probably Don't
07/09/14 9 Health Plan Issues Financial Executives Agree On
12/03/15 AAMC: Leaders In Raw Growth Of Active Patient Care Physicians From 2012-2014*
04/04/14 Average Views Per Video on Healthcare Industry YouTube Channels by Year
11/18/10 How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally (Health Expenditures/Capita)
01/12/12 IDC Health Insights Top 10 Health IT Predictions For 2012
05/12/14 Improvement in Select Hospital-Acquired Conditions from 2010 baseline through 4th Quarter 2013
11/02/15 Jasmine Pennic: 3 Population Health Management Myths & Realities for Providers
12/20/12 Laura Landro: Ten Ways Patients Get Treated Better
05/19/15 Lyle Berkowitz: 6 Lessons in Health IT Innovation
01/08/14 Mark Roberts- 6 Things to Know About Health Care for 2014
06/19/14 Prevalence of current cigarette smoking among adults aged 18 and over: United States, 1997 – 2013
02/17/17 Rebecca Vesely: Hard questions about how predictive analytics is being applied to patient care
12/06/12 Rick Lindquist : 15 Facts About Health Reimbursement Accounts
08/05/14 Sackman and Abrams: 4 Essential Steps for Population Health Management
12/11/12 Sarah Kliff: Five Ways Raising Eligibility Could Change Medicare
08/01/16 Sean Williams: 6 things you should know about Medicare Advantage plans
05/05/14 Susan Thurman: The 25 Companies Where Top Millennials Most Want To Work In 2014
01/12/12 The Camden Group’s Top Trends for 2012
10/17/11 The five top offending states with the greatest Medicaid amounts recovered in 2010
09/06/13 Top 5 California hospitals by patient engagement score
11/04/13 US News: Top-Ranked Hospitals for Cancer
03/16/16 W. Roy Smythe, MD: 3 Ways Technology Can Help Treat Patients as Consumers
02/12/18 % Change in Enrollment for the 12 State Based Health Insurance Marketplaces
09/06/16 % Employee Participation by Health Plan Type