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1,445 Fact Based CMS: Top 10 Highest Prescribing Specialties Under Medicare by total cost of prescriptions 07/08/16
1,106 Fact Based KFF: Public Perception of Which Health Plans Are Affected by Rising Premiums 07/06/16
1,079 Fact Based William Goddard: 5 ways organizations can save money on rising medical insurance costs 08/15/16
1,067 Fact Based KFF: Medicare as a share of the federal budget for 2015 07/21/16
1,065 Fact Based Wallet Hub: Top 5 States with Highest Physician Medicare Acceptance Rates 09/13/16
1,043 Fact Based David Lee Scher: Five Ways Pharma Can Benefit From Digital Health Technologies 07/25/16
942 Fact Based 4 Things to Know About the Growing Cost of Health Plans 09/21/16
929 Fact Based % Employee Participation by Health Plan Type 09/06/16
914 Fact Based 5 DRGs with the highest cost in 2013 09/15/16
897 Fact Based SBN Staff: 5 things CEOs should know about the latest health care technology 08/04/16
885 Fact Based 2017 Medicare Advantage Premium Rates: 4 Takeaways 09/28/16
874 Fact Based Fidelity: Estimated Health Care Costs for Couples in Retirement 08/28/16
860 Fact Based U.S. News & World Report: The 2016–17 Top Twenty Hospitals 08/04/16
856 Fact Based Michelle Despres: Key measures of success in predictive analytics claims management programs 08/18/16
854 Fact Based Top Ten Drugs by Claim Count, 2014 08/28/16
833 Fact Based KFF: Medicare benefit payments by type of service 2015 07/21/16
821 Fact Based Casey Ross: 5 reasons to take hospital ratings with a big grain of salt 08/04/16
795 Fact Based Highest Average Cost per Unit: Medicare Part D (Drugs Patients Administer Themselves) 12/15/16
787 Fact Based KFF: Distribution of Medicare Advantage Enrollees, by Switching Status, 2013-2014 09/20/16
771 Fact Based 5 Insights on States With Medicaid Expansion 08/11/16