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9 Health Plan Issues Financial Executives Agree On

Submitted by Randall Clough on Wed, 07/09/2014 - 10:23

  1. 57%-"Wouldn’t consider the idea.” of moving their employees from a company sponsored plan to a public exchange
  2. 80%- Are either transitioning more cost to employees or are likely to do so
  3. 53%- Say their companies either transferred defined benefit liabilities to a third-party insurer or are likely to within two years
  4. More than half believe “A significant portion of their workforce will have to delay retirement because of inadequate savings.”
  5. 61%- Believe the average retirement age, which they say is already rising, will increase further
  6. 53%- Say “providing downside risk protection through a guaranteed income feature would help plan participants make better investment decisions.”
  7. 50%- Will probably “add a guaranteed income feature to their defined contribution plan.”
  8. 70%- “Believe offering voluntary benefits is a way to increase employee satisfaction.”
  9. 58%- “Are likely to expand voluntary benefit offerings.”

Source: Prudential
Source URL: http://research.prudential.com/documents/rp/CFO-Prudential-M...

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