So why are prescription drug prices consuming an ever larger slice of the healthcare cost pie? Here's seven recent takes on that question, posted in HealthShareTV:

1. Blue Promise: Why are Prescriptions So Expensive?
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - 2 minutes, 51 seconds: Dr. Dan McCoy discusses the cost drivers and tips for consumers to lower their expenses.

2. What Has Been Driving Up Costs of Prescription Drugs? - Medpage Today
Medpage Today - 2 minutes, 43 seconds: They discuss a simple answer: basic supply-and-demand economics

3. QuickTake: Taming U.S. Prescription Drug Prices
Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance - 2 minutes, 1 second: Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn takes a look at the rising costs of prescription drugs in the United States.

4. What you can do to lower prescription drug costs
CBS This Morning - 3 minutes, 35 seconds: Dr. David Agus joins "CBS This Morning" to offer tips on how to talk to your doctor and find drugs that cost less.

5. Reining in prescription drug prices: Removing barriers to competition in pharmaceutical markets
Brookings Institution -  26 minutes, 2 seconds: The Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy and the Center for Health Policy at Brookings hosted a forum on policies to lower prescription drug prices. 

6. Demystifying Drug Pricing - The Future of Prescription Drugs
AtlanticLIVE - 33 minutes, 17 seconds: panel discussion with Henry Aaron, Bruce and Virginia MacLaury Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Elizabeth Fowler, Vice President for Global Health Policy, Johnson & Johnson; Gail Wilensky, Senior Fellow and Economist, Project HOPE; With Steve Clemons, Washington Editor at Large, The Atlantic

7. Why Prescription Drugs Cost So Much - Michael Rea - TEDxKC
TEDx - 8 minutes, 14 seconds - TEDx event with Dr. Michael Rea of Rx Savings Solutions