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6 Quick Facts on Small Business Health Insurance

Submitted by Randall Clough on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 11:30

  1. Financial Benefits- Many businesses benefit economically from providing health insurance to employees and their families
  2. The Most Valued Fringe Benefit- Employees consider health insurance to be, by far, the most important fringe benefit
  3. Tax Advantages- There are tax advantages when you offer health insurance to employees that vary depending on the exact type of benefits offered
  4. Access to Discounted Pricing- Health insurance coverage gives you, and employees, access to the price reductions that health insurance companies negotiate with doctors and other health care providers
  5. New Options for Small Business Health Insurance- HSA's and HRA's are alternatives to traditional health insurance
  6. The "Employer Mandate" Does Not Apply to Businesses with Fewer than 50 FTE Employees

Source: Zane Benefits
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