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10/26/17 AMA: 10 States With the Largest Decrease in Competition Levels, 2014-2016
10/25/17 Six insights about PCMH initiatives in state Medicaid programs from KFF survey
10/24/17 Surcharges Growing in Popularity
10/24/17 AMA: 10 States With the Least Competitive HMO Markets, 2016
10/24/17 AMA: 10 States With the Least Competitive PPO Markets, 2016
10/24/17 AMA: 10 States With the Least Competitive POS Market, 2016
10/24/17 Dark Daily: 5 Ways Retail Clinics Threaten Traditional Healthcare Providers
10/24/17 Kristine Daynes: Five caveats for choosing predictive analytics
10/24/17 KimSu Marder: Five Steps to Fewer Readmissions, Improved Quality, and Lower Cost
10/24/17 BHR: 4 Key Innovation Insights from Healthcare Industry Leaders
10/20/17 Six Fast Facts About Health Systems in U.S.
10/20/17 Health Insurance Employment National Statistics - Six Things to Know
10/20/17 U.S. Health Insurance Coverage by the Numbers
10/19/17 BHR: 13 Recent Hospital Credit Downgrades
10/19/17 Concurrent Use of Opioids and Benzodiazepines, 7 Findings
10/19/17 BHR: 6 Recent Conflicts, Agreements from Hospitals & Unions
10/19/17 STAT: 10 Cities With Biggest Jumps in Hospital Jobs
10/19/17 CDC: Prevalence of obesity in 2015-2016 in the U.S.
10/19/17 KHN: Trump's Changes to the Health Law, 5 Things You Need to Know
10/18/17 Joseph Antos: 5 principles of value-based care
10/16/17 Crystal Jo: 5 Empowering Strategies for Reducing Hospital Readmissions
10/13/17 Nine Facts About Cardiologist Demographics and Compensation
10/13/17 Nine Things To Know From CMS About 2018 Medicare Advantage/PDP Open Enrollment
10/10/17 JAMA: 10 Most Overused and Unnecessary Medical Treatments
10/10/17 BHR: Top 5 Barriers in Telehealth Expansion