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Sabrina Rodak: 13 Ways to Reduce Hospital Noise

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  1. Replacing overhead staff paging systems with wireless headsets
  2. Reducing the frequency and intensity of medical alarms
  3. Installing ambient white-noise machines
  4. Using sound-absorbing ceiling tiles and carpets
  5. Dimming lights in the evening
  6. Designating sleep hours during which there are no routine checks of vital signs unless necessary
  7. Asking staff to talk quietly
  8. Installing a noise monitor to identify when noise needs to be diminished
  9. Allowing patients to close their doors and post a "Do Not Disturb" sign
  10. Providing patients "Quiet Kits" with sleep masks, earplugs and crossword puzzles
  11. Programming TVs with calming music and images
  12. Offering headsets for TVs and iPads
  13. Creating teams to develop strategies for reducing noise

Source: Becker's Hospital Review
Source URL: http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/quality/13-ways-to-redu...

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