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Lisa Zamosky: 5 Ways Your Employer Benefits May Change

Submitted by jryan@mcol.com on Fri, 04/19/2013 - 14:53

  1. Your coverage will cost more. More than 80% of the 583 employers surveyed said they plan to continue to raise the share of premiums employees pay for their health benefits.
  2. You’ll pay more for your spouse. 20% of companies questioned said they add a surcharge for spouses, and an additional 13% say they plan to add one next year.
  3. You’ll take on more responsibility. 66% of companies offer high-deductible health plans combined with medical savings accounts. By 2014, another 13% expect to offer them.
  4. Retiree benefits are fading. Only 15% of companies make retiree benefits available to newly hired employees.
  5. Wellness programs become more important. Almost seven in 10 companies responding to this survey report offering both employees and their spouses financial rewards to participate in wellness programs.

Source: WebMD
Source URL: http://blogs.webmd.com/health-insurance-navigator/2013/03/5-...

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