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Kathleen Koster: 5 ways GOP might untrack health reform

Submitted by jryan@mcol.com on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 10:24

  1. Repeal & replace - the Republican Party does not have sufficient votes to push repeal through the Senate
  2. A piecemeal approach - Republicans in Congress may even garner support from more conservative Democrats in amending the law
  3. Starvation - House Republicans could decide not to appropriate any funds for further development for certain regulations
  4. Legal challenge and investigations - Legal suits have already been filed by 21 states, declaring, primarily, that the individual mandate is unconstitutional
  5. State-level intervention - Republicans could begin to pass mandates stating that the states would not be obligated to enforce an individual mandate or incur additional expense on health care reform

Source: Employee Benefit News
Source URL: http://ebn.benefitnews.com/news/five_gop_health_reform-26846...

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