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HHS Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Measures

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  1. Percent of Heart Attack Patients Given Fibrinolytic Medication Within 30 Minutes Of Arrival
  2. Percent of Heart Attack Patients Given PCI Within 90 Minutes Of Arrival
  3. Percent of Heart Failure Patients Given Discharge Instructions
  4. Percent of Pneumonia Patients Whose Initial Emergency Room Blood Culture Was Performed Prior To The Administration Of The First Hospital Dose Of Antibiotics
  5. Initial Antibiotic Selection for CAP in Immunocompetent Patient
  6. Prophylactic Antibiotic Received Within One Hour Prior to Surgical Incision
  7. Prophylactic Antibiotic Selection for Surgical Patients
  8. Prophylactic Antibiotics Discontinued Within 24 Hours After Surgery End Time
  9. Cardiac Surgery Patients with Controlled 6AM Postoperative Serum Glucose
  10. Surgery Patients on a Beta Blocker Prior to Arrival That Received a Beta Blocker During the Perioperative Period
  11. Surgery Patients with Recommended Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Ordered
  12. Surgery Patients Who Received Appropriate Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Within 24 Hours Prior to Surgery to 24 Hours After Surgery
  13. Patient Experience of Care

Source: Healthcare.gov Hospital Value-Based Purchasing: Measure Explanations
Source URL: http://www.healthcare.gov/news/factsheets/2011/04/valuebased...

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