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Dylan Scott: 6 Ways States Are Addressing the Doctor Shortage

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  1. Boost the number of community health workers. Community health workers are usually volunteers and tend to work in underserved areas -- the kind that are likely to see more insured people next year.
  2. Let out-of-state doctors practice. Is a medical license from one state as good as one from another? Two states, New Mexico and New York, have suggested it is.
  3. Let pharmacists give vaccinations. Nothing is more routine yet more important, some say, than vaccinations. Under current Maine law, pharmacists can give shots to adults but not children.
  4. Loosen the rules for midwives. Legislation in two states would give officials a better grip on the profession and allow midwives to take on more responsibility.
  5. Allow nurses to assign physical therapy. Physical therapists would be authorized to follow treatment plans outlined by not only doctors but also advance registered nurse practitioners.
  6. Let nurses declare death. When the worst happens, somebody still has to officially certify people's death. New Jersey and New York have suggested streamlining that process.

Source: Governing the States and Localities
Source URL: http://www.governing.com/blogs/view/gov-states-addressing-do...

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