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9 Proposals for Slowing Growth of Medicare Spending and Percent in Favor

Submitted by Marshall Riddle on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 14:00

  1. Cutting the price paid for prescription drugs 72%
  2. Having people with higher incomes pay more for their Medicare benefits then people with lower incomes 57%
  3. Paying doctors and hospitals based on the quality of care they provide and on the results or outcomes of their care, rather than paying for the amount of care they provide 54%
  4. Cutting the fees paid to hospitals 47%
  5. Cutting the fees paid to doctors 41%
  6. Raising the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 66 and then to 67 as the number of people this age increases 36%
  7. Using measures of cost-effectiveness to charge people more for services that are not as cost-effective 36%
  8. Increasing taxes as Medicare costs increase 24%
  9. Increasing co-pays and deductibles so that out-of-pocket costs will increase 19%

Source: Harris Interactive
Source URL: http://www.harrisinteractive.com/NewsRoom/HarrisPolls/tabid/...

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