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2011 Priorities for Funding of Health Benefit Predictive Analytic Initiatives

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  1. Identification of High-Risk Patients for Care Management
  2. Treatment Guideline Development
  3. Plan Design Development
  4. Provider Profiling for Network Development
  5. Provider Payment Rate and Restructuring
  6. Medicare / Medicaid Population Financial Modeling
  7. Target Marketing Based on Customer / Prospect Risk Scores
  8. Premium Rate Development
  9. Fraud Prevention
  10. Formulary Development

Notes: Priorities based on survey respondent rankings of items when asked to prioritize how an organization could spend its funds on predictive modeling initiatives involving health benefits. N=81, with respondents including web summit attendees and other health care professionals
Source: Predictive Modeling Web Summit e-Poll 2011
Source URL: http://www.healthwebsummit.com/pm2011.htm

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