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13 Employer Tips For Coping With Health Care Reform Now!

Submitted by jryan@mcol.com on Tue, 04/23/2013 - 17:30

  1. Know Your Workforce & Proper Worker Classifications For Purposes of Health Plan Rules
  2. Make Rough Cost Projection To Preliminarily Decide Whether To “Pay” or “Play”
  3. If Business Decides To Offer Health Coverage After 2013, Decide Plan Design
  4. Understand The Cast Of Characters & What Hat(s) (Including You) They Wear
  5. Know What Rules Apply To Your Plan, The Sponsoring Employer, The Plan Its Fiduciaries & Plan Vendors & How This Impacts You & Your Group Health Plan
  6. Update Health Plan Documents, SPDs & Other Communications, Administrative Forms & Procedures, Contracts & Processes To Meet Requirements & Manage Exposures
  7. Clean Up Claims and Appeals, SPDs & Other Practices To Enhance Defensibility
  8. Consistency Matters: Build Good Plan, Then Follow It
  9. Ensure Correct Party Carries Out Plan and Communications Plan Functions And Communications Compliant, Timely, Prudent, Provable Manner
  10. Clean Up Date Collection, Protection & Reporting
  11. Monitor, Assess Implications & Provide Relevant Input to Regulators About Emerging Requirements & Interpretive Guidance Implementing 2014 Affordable Care Act & Other Mandates.
  12. Help Employees & Their Families Build Their Health Care Self-Management Skills
  13. Pack Your Parachute-Plan Your Defense & Exist Strategies

Source: Solutions Law Press - HR & Benefits Update
Source URL: http://slphrbenefitsupdate.com/2013/03/05/

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