Updated June 6, 2012

www.HealthSprocket.com (the Web Site) is sponsored by Managed Care On-Line, Inc. (MCOL). The Web Site is designed to serve as a community for health care professionals and others to post, view and discuss lists pertaining to health care. This policy applies to all list submissions by you and other users of the web site.
Your Acceptance of These Terms
By using the any component or feature of the Web Site , you signify your acceptance of the terms of the MCOL HealthSprocket List Submission Policy and other Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the any provisions of the MCOL HealthSprocket Terms of Use, please do not use the Web Site and exit the Web Site immediately, and do not Register or Subscribe with HealthSprocket. Your continued use of the MCOL HealthSprocket Web Site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean that you accept those changes. If you have questions or concerns regarding the MCOL HealthSprocket Terms of Use, please contact MCOL as directed below.
Other Applicable Terms of Use
The MCOL HealthSprocket List Submission Policy addresses various specific provisions regarding submissions of lists to HealthSprocket. However, additional Terms of Use apply to submission of any Content, as well as all other aspects of use of the Web Site. Therefore, it is essential that you review the other sections of the HealthSprocket Terms of Use.
Avoidance of Copyright and Other Infringements
As also specified in the General Terms of Use, you are responsible to ensure that each of your List Submissions does not infringe upon patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights. When in doubt if a list would infringe upon such rights, refrain from submitting the list, or delete or edit the applicable content until you are satisfied you have eliminated such doubt regarding potential infringement.
Registration and Logging In
You must be a registered user to submit a list, please use the links provided in the site to register. Registered Users must login in order to submit a list.
List Title
You are responsible to provide a title for your list, that must be limited to the maximum number of characters indicated in the submission form. Your title should be as relevant and specific to the content of your list as possible, and not merely a general statement such as "Another List of My Favorites."
Fact vs. Opinion Based vs. Video/Audio Lists
Please review the HealthSprocket definitions of Fact, Opinion & Video/Audio Lists. You are responsible to determine and indicate if your list is Fact or Opinion based, or a Video or Audio list, according to these definitions. Please note that Video and Audio List submissions are subject to review, and will not be posted immediately.
List Category
You care also responsible to determine and indicate applicable categories that best describe your list, according to the categories provided in the submission form.
Source and Links
You must provide Source(s), with a link to each source, for all Fact Based Lists. The Source is simply the name of the person or organization originally responsible for development of the list content, and is limited to the number of characters indicated in the submission form. The Link is the specific web address that would provide verification Source and the List content. The list submission form does provide for indication of more than one Source and Link. Video or Audio Lists do not provide for indication of the Source (as the link is the source) but do require indication of the Link to the referenced video or audio file. Video or Audio Lists to provide for indication of a Description of the content in the link.
Fact and Opinion List Notes
You may provide optional notes that would display with your list submission. Notes are encouraged, and should provide any specific information that assists in the clarification or documentation of the list, or that provides key supplemental relevant information. 
Fact and Opinion List Content Specifications
Any required specification for the format and maximum length of List Content for submission is mentioned in the List Submission form. Please refrain from including editorial comments in your list content, and focus on the actual list content instead. You can submit any comments you wish to make about your list after the list has been posted.
Editing and Deleting List
You may edit or delete your list. Refer to HealthSprocket Help regarding how to edit or delete your list.
Notification of Changes
The MCOL HealthSprocket List Submission Policy may be revised over time. The most recent update date of this policy will always appear at the beginning of this policy. We do, however, recommend that you read the MCOL HealthSprocket List Submission Policy each time you use this web site.
Contacting Us
If you have any questions about the MCOL HealthSprocket List Submission Policy, the practices of the MCOL HealthSprocket Web Site, or your dealings with MCOL, click here to contact us or call 209.577.4888.