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01/03/12 Six Tests of Your Call Center: To what extent must customers...
04/01/12 Secret Individual Broccoli Mandate Provisions Included in Affordable Care Act
04/01/12 Strategies to Minimize Zombie Coverage under Health Plans
04/01/12 Out of Network Coverage Issues for Extra-Terrestrials
04/01/12 Top Five Dental Coverage Concerns for Vampires
04/01/12 Provider Time-Travel Provisions to Negotiate in Value Based Purchasing
04/01/12 Meaningful Use Requirements in 4,000 BC
04/01/12 Proposed Outsourced Regulatory Oversight of Key Healthcare Components
04/01/12 Impact of Zombie Apocalypse or Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act
05/02/12 Twitter Accounts to Follow for ACO Information
05/02/12 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Medical Home Information
05/02/12 Ten Physicians to Follow on Twitter (2012)
05/17/12 15 Healthcare Publications, Magazines and Journals to Follow on Twitter
06/01/12 10 BioTech Twitter Accounts to Follow
06/08/12 10 Health Plan Communications and Marketing Professionals to Follow on Twitter
06/13/12 Five things you can do while waiting for the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision
06/22/12 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow in the Run Up to and Aftermath of The Supreme Court Ruling on the Individual Mandate
06/28/12 Key Points From the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Ruling
07/20/12 National, State and Local Government Health Officials to Follow on Twitter
07/30/12 5 Changes to the US Healthcare Delivery System
07/30/12 Advantages to Employers Choosing to Self-Fund Health Plans
07/31/12 10 Strategic Considerations of SCOTUS upholding PPACA
09/14/12 Healthcare Journalists and Reporters to Follow on Twitter
09/20/12 Three Ways Health Plans are Using Twitter to Engage Their Members
09/28/12 Cost Management: Strategies for Self-Funded Health Plans