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575 Fact Based 4 Medicare Plans Ending by 2017 10/26/16
570 Fact Based KHN: 5 Key Questions Regarding Cost-Sharing Subsidies 04/27/17
551 Fact Based Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule in 2017: 5 Takeaways 11/08/16
538 Fact Based Mary Rechtoris: 3 main obstacles to implementing predictive analytics solutions in hospital systems 04/19/17
515 Fact Based CBO: Net Effects of Health Reform on the Budget Deficit between 2017-2026 05/24/17
513 Fact Based KFF: 5 Key Facts on the Effects of Medicaid Per Capita Cap for Low-Income People on Medicare 03/23/17
506 Fact Based CB Insights: 8 Healthcare Tech Startups Worth Over $1B 12/27/16
503 Fact Based Karen Appold: 4 Challenges Healthcare Executives Will Face in 2017 12/19/16
498 Fact Based Biggest Price Increases: Medicare Part D (drugs patients administer themselves) 12/15/16