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11/18/10 Current Use of Electronic Billing Transactions (Percent Electronic)
11/18/10 Use of Social Media for Health Benefits Information
11/18/10 Top Ten States with Highest Percentages of Uninsured Residents, 2010
11/18/10 Healthcare CIO Survey: Top Ten 2010 IT Staffing Needs
11/18/10 Top 10 States With Highest Rates of E-Prescribing
11/18/10 Top 10 States with Highest Number of Adults Overweight or Obese, 2009
11/18/10 Top 10 States with Fewest Number of Adults Overweight or Obese, 2009
11/18/10 Top 10 Medical Errors Accounting for close to 70 percent of total error costs
11/18/10 Office Visit Copay by Industry
11/18/10 Where most people find information about their health decisions
11/18/10 Top 10 States with Highest Enrollment in High Risk Pool Programs, 2008
11/18/10 Top 5 States with Highest Average Family Monthly HMO Premium
11/18/10 Percent distribution of dental insurance status for persons under age 65 years with private health insurance: United States, 2008
11/18/10 How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally (Health Expenditures/Capita)
11/18/10 Top 10 States with highest number of nurse practitioners, 2009
11/18/10 Top 10 Emergency Department Diagnosis Discharges
11/18/10 Communities Ranked Among the Lowest in Medicare Quality of Care Rankings
11/17/10 Highest Ranked Communities in Medicare's Hospital Quality of Care Rankings
11/17/10 Estimated Range of Healthcare System Waste: $600-$850 billion annually
11/17/10 Top 5 States with the Highest Number of Paid Malpractice Claims, 2008
11/17/10 Employee Health Conditions: Sleep Problems Top Obesity, Among Prevalent Health Conditions
11/17/10 Share of Medicare Advantage Plans with Selected Extra Benefits, 2010
11/17/10 Mail Order Pharmacy Ranking by Customer Satisfaction
11/17/10 Most Important Reasons Consumers Would Buy Mobile Health Technology
11/15/10 Top 15 Community Hospitals