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Top 20 ICD-10 Twitter Accounts to follow

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 13:10

  1. Steve Sisko, @Shimcode
  2. Brad Justus, @Brad_Justus
  3. the American Health Information Management Association, @AHIMAResources
  4. ICD10Watch.com, @ICD10Watch
  5. Precyse, @PrecyseTweets
  6. 3M, @3MHISNews
  7. Optum, @OptumCoding
  8. Jim Denny, @J_Denny
  9. Nuance Healthcare, @NUAN_Healthcare
  10. Jeff Clark, @JeffClarkCT
  11. Kathy McCoy, @KathyMcCoy
  12. Dorothy Trottier, @MedSpecBiller
  13. Elsevier Revenue Cycle eLearning, @ICD10Online
  14. Medical Reimbursement, Inc., @MedReimburse
  15. ICD-10 Hub, @ICD10Hub
  16. Ken Bradley, @Ken_Bradley
  17. WEDI, @WEDIonline
  18. Perficient, @Perficient_HC
  19. Hospital Review, @HospReviewMag
  20. ICD-10 Monitor, @ICD10_Monitor

Source: Healthcare Finance News
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