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Ten Trends to Tend to in 2012

Submitted by Clive Riddle on Thu, 12/01/2011 - 16:53

  1. Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision and presidential election will either cause chaos, or be impetus to for those waiting on sidelines to get moving
  2. Attempts to dodge the bullets of Automatic Medicare Payment Cuts will consume Providers lobbying resources
  3. Significant resources will be allocated towards the holy grail of reducing preventable hospital readmissions
  4. Hospital Systems will ramp up physician integration initiatives
  5. The shift to Value Based Provider Payments will be in full swing
  6. ACO progress will occur in Commercial health plan initiatives
  7. Accelerated demise of the small physician practice
  8. “Retailization” of health care will advance more than ever
  9. Implications of Consumers’ further embrace of generics will be far reaching
  10. Health Plan M&A Activities will continue to concentrate in government sector

Notes: Detailed trends are available in December 1, 2011 MCOLBlog at www.mcolblog.com

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