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Ten Things to Know about 2015 Public Exchange Enrollment Numbers

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  1. Nearly 11.7 million consumers selected or automatically re-enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace
  2. 8.84 million (76%) were in states using the HealthCare.gov platform
  3. 2.85 million (24%) were in the 14 states (including DC) using state platforms
  4. 87% (nearly 7.7 million individuals) qualified for an average tax credit of $263 per month
  5. 55% paid $100 or less per month after tax credits
  6. 4.1 million+ consumers under age 35 signed up for Marketplace coverage (35% of all signups)
  7. Almost 3.3 million consumers age 18 - 34 signed up for Marketplace coverage (28% all Signups)
  8. 53% of HealthCare.gov signups are new consumers who did not have Marketplace coverage as of Nov. 2014
  9. Of the 4.2 million consumers who re-enrolled, 2.0 million auto re-enrolled and 2.2 million actively re-enrolled
  10. Of the 2.2 million active re-enrollees, 1.2 million switched to a different plan from 2014 (54% of active re-enrollees and 29% of all re-enrollees)

Notes: Data as of Feb 22nd, 2015
Source: HHS Press Release, March 10, 2015: Nationwide nearly 11.7 million consumers are enrolled in 2015 Health Insurance Marketplace coverage
Source URL: http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2015pres/03/20150310a.html

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