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Prioritizing Predictive Modeling Activities - 2015 Predictive Modeling e-Poll Results

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  1. Identification of High-Risk Patients for Care Management (Avg Rank 2.1)
  2. Plan Design Development (Avg Rank 4.9)
  3. Other (Avg Rank 5.2)
  4. Readmission Prediction Initiatives (Avg Rank 5.4)
  5. Fraud Prevention (Avg Rank 5.5)
  6. Treatment Guideline Development (Avg Rank 5.5)
  7. Provider Profiling for Network Development (Avg Rank 5.5)
  8. Medicare / Medicaid Population Financial Modeling (Avg Rank 6.1)
  9. Target Marketing Based on Customer / Prospect Risk Scores (Avg Rank 6.1)
  10. Provider Payment Rate and Restructuring (Avg. Rank 6.3)
  11. Premium Rate Development (Avg Rank 7.0)

Notes: Respondents ranked items in order of priority: 1 = Highest / 10= Lowest
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