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Piper Su, Eric Cragun, and Adam Lustig: Eight key insights on CMS' 2016 ACO participation announcement

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  1. Providers have sustained and growing interest in the ACO model and are moving towards two-sided risk
  2. ACO participation is growing in organizational diversity as well as numbers
  3. Participation decisions seem only loosely correlated with past ACO performance
  4. Opening up Track 1 to a second performance period was likely key to retaining participants
  5. ACOs opting to sit out in 2016 will have much to consider in the coming year
  6. Broader strategic considerations loom large in participation choices
  7. Attrition may be inherent in meaningful transformation efforts
  8. The information provided this week is helpful but more is needed to fully understand program trends

Source: "Eight key insights on this week's ACO participation announcement," The Advisory Board Company, January 15, 2016
Source URL: https://www.advisory.com/health-policy/health-policy-vitals/...

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