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McKesson: Seven Success Factors for Accountable Care Organizations

Submitted by Charlene Ice on Thu, 01/04/2018 - 17:06

  1. Integrate pharmacists into primary care based ACOs
  2. Adopt and execute a formal plan to manage ACO enrollee drug costs
  3. ACOs can reduce medical costs without increasing drug costs
  4. Use of care management can reduce ACO enrollee hospitalizations and emergency room visits
  5. ACOs should give physicians more tools and resources to improve the quality of care to enrollees
  6. Reducing physician and beneficiary turnover can help ACOs reduce medical costs
  7. ACOs eye telemedicine and behavioral health as services to expand access and interventions

Source: McKesson Blog, December 27, 2017
Source URL: http://www.mckesson.com/blog/seven-success-factors-for-accou...

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