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Leavitt Partners: 4 key drivers of ACO growth

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  1. Altruism: The belief that accountable care represents a better way of delivering care.
  2. Experimentation: The use of accountable care as a preparatory model for more advanced models of provider risk-bearing.
  3. Expansion: The use of accountable care as a strategy to increase market share.
  4. Defense: The use of accountable care as a response to risk-bearing approaches by market competitors and/or an inability to stay competitive with traditional payments.

Notes: From an article based on "Projected Growth of Accountable Care Organizations," Leavitt Partners, December 23, 2015, http://leavittpartners.com/2015/12/projected-growth-of-accountable-care-organizations/
Source: "4 Fresh Accountable Care Organization Growth Predictions," RevCycleIntelligence, January 5, 2016
Source URL: http://revcycleintelligence.com/news/4-fresh-accountable-car...

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