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KHN: Medicare Turns 50 But Big Challenges Await

Submitted by Randall Clough on Wed, 08/05/2015 - 17:35

  1. Financing - While Medicare spending growth has slowed in recent years 10,000 people a day are becoming eligible for Medicare
  2. Affordability - Most Medicare beneficiaries don’t have a lot of money and spend a large chunk of their finances on health care
  3. Managing Chronic Disease - Keeping beneficiaries with these conditions as healthy as possible helps not only the patients but also Medicare’s bottom line
  4. Delivery-System Reform - Medicare hopes to better manage beneficiaries’ needs by revolutionizing the way in which it pays for medical care
  5. The Growth of Medicare Advantage - Enrollment in these private plans that offer alternative coverage is growing sharply

Source: Kaiser Health News
Source URL: http://khn.org/news/medicare-turns-50-but-big-challenges-await/

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