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Health Train Express

Submitted by Kevin Gemulla on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 20:39

  1. Impact of Health Reform Backlash
  2. IT becomes more pervasive—or else. Moving to new care models will require investment in IT. Providers will focus on implementing electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry, and health information exchanges.
  3. Insufficient Primary Care Capacity to meet demand stimulated by increased coverage through health reform
  4. ACO Watch - http://twitter.com/ACOwatch
  5. 6. Physicians make or break new care models. To improve outcomes and lower costs, hospitals and medical groups will focus on accountable care, bundled payments, patient-centered medical homes, and/or clinical integration. Reducing variation in care−primar
  6. Wellness Incentives
  7. Interact: social media for professionals- content reflects the wisdom, perspective and interaction of community, with user ratings of lists, comments on lists and submission of lists

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