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Full List of Lawsuits Challenging the Constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act

Submitted by Marshall Riddle on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 13:06

  1. District of Arizona-Coons v. Geithner
  2. District of Arizona-Fountain Hills Tea Party Patriots v. Sebelius
  3. Eastern District of Arkansas-Burlsworth v. Holder
  4. Southern District of California-Baldwin v. Sebelius
  5. District of Columbia-Association of American Physicians and Surgeons v. Sebelius
  6. District of Columbia-Mead v. Holder
  7. District of Columbia-Sissel v. HHS
  8. Northern District of Florida-Florida v. Sebelius
  9. Eastern District of Michigan-Thomas More Law Center v. Obama
  10. Southern District of Mississippi-Walters v. Holder
  11. Eastern District of Missouri-Kinder v. Geithner
  12. District of Nevada-Independent American Party of Nevada v. Obama
  13. District of New Hampshire-Peterson v. Obama
  14. District of New Jersey-New Jersey Phyisicians, Inc. v. Obama
  15. District of New Jersey-Purpura v. Sebelius
  16. Middle District of North Carolina-Van Tassel v. U.S.
  17. Northern District of Ohio-U.S. Citizens Association v. Obama
  18. Western District of Oklahoma-Calvey v. Obama
  19. Middle District of Pennsylvania-Goudy-Bachman v. HHS
  20. Eastern District of Tennessee-Anthony Shreeve v. Obama
  21. Eastern District of Texas-Bellow v. HHS
  22. Eastern District of Texas-Physician Hospitals of America v. Sebelius
  23. Eastern District of Virginia-Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sebelius
  24. Western District of Virginia-Liberty University v. Geithner

Source: The Washington Post
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