A quick examination of the top 15 YouTube videos by views this year as of today, returned with the search term healthcare, provides these fairly useless takeaways on how to get your healthcare video to the top of the list:

  1. Get mentioned on late night television - 8 of the top 15 were segments from Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert (topped by Seth Meyers at #2 with 3.1 million views in the past two months)
  2. Get menionted on news humor shows - 6 of the top 15 were segements from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight to Trevor Noah's Daily Show (topped by John Oliver at #1 with 6.6 million views in the past two months)
  3. Have something to do with the American Health Care Act - the top 14 all had this for a topic
  4. Or When All Else Fails - promote your post - Coming in at #15 was Intels 34 second video: "Your Amazing Healthcare Starts with Intel" with 1.2 million views over the past three months