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Five Key Features of Accountable Care Organizations

Submitted by Clive Riddle on Wed, 09/08/2010 - 11:57

  1. Local Accountability: An ACO would be a local provider entity accountable for the local care according to local cost and quality benchmarks
  2. Purchaser Designation: An ACO would be designated by a purchaser to be accountable to serve its covered population assigned to the ACO
  3. Shared Savings: The ACO would modify provider payment structures in some form to incorporate payment incentives such as sharing of savings with applicable stakeholders
  4. Performance Measurement: An emphasis would be placed on performance measurement, including evidence based quality metrics
  5. Organizational Capacity: The ACO would be a formal legal entity with capacity to arrange and coordinate care, administer payments, set benchmarks, measure performance and distribute shared savings.

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