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Estimated Range of Healthcare System Waste: $600-$850 billion annually

Submitted by Kevin Gemulla on Wed, 11/17/2010 - 16:07

  1. Administrative System Inefficiencies ($100-$150 billion)
  2. Provider Inefficiency and Errors ($75-$100 billion)
  3. Lack of Care Coordination ($25-$50 billion)
  4. Unwarranted Use ($250-$325 billion)
  5. Preventable Conditions and Avoidable Care ($25-$50 billion)
  6. Fraud and Abuse ($125-$175 billion)

Source: Thomson Reuters. "Where Can $700 Billion in Waste Be Cut Annually From the U.S. Healthcare System?" October 2009.
Source URL: http://www.factsforhealthcare.com/whitepaper/HealthcareWaste...

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