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Consumer Health Literacy With Basic Health Insurance Terms

Submitted by GMcCalister on Fri, 10/06/2017 - 15:48

  1. 61% new the correct meaning of the term “health plan premium.”
  2. 62% recognized the correct definition of the term “health pland eductible.”
  3. 39% Knew the meaning of the term “out-of-pocketmaximum.”
  4. 31% Had a good understanding of the term “co-insurance.”
  5. 9% showed an understanding of all four of these basic health insurance terms.

Notes: Consumer responses to UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey
Source: UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey, October 2017
Source URL: https://www.uhc.com/content/dam/uhcdotcom/en/general/2017-UH...

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