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Christopher Kalkhof's Sampling of 10 Key Strategic Questions to Consider When Transitioning from a Volume-Driven to a Value-Driven Business Model

Submitted by Spencer Rinkus on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 14:40

  1. How should we align and integrate with our physicians? Key payers?
  2. How will we be paid in the future and how will that impact our current care delivery model, risk exposure and inpatient/outpatient service mix?
  3. How do we differentiate our care delivery model to be a more attractive option?
  4. How do we protect/grow our core service lines?
  5. What types of strategic alliances can we enter into which are not capital intensive?
  6. Are we prepared to manage patient populations?
  7. What do we envision as our “value-driven” care delivery model and what is the gap between our current state and envisioned future state?
  8. How will we leverage our resources to achieve hospital/system-wide efficiencies, cost-reductions and a rebalancing of the locus of our services?
  9. What data sources will we need to access for fact-based decisions as well as support our strategic planning and payer contracting processes?
  10. How will we finance the transition process?

Source: Christopher J. Kalkhof, MHA, FACHE, Director, Healthcare Industry Group, Alvarez & Marsal. "Transitioning from a Volume-Driven to a Value-Driven Business Model –Strategy, Network and Payer Contracting Considerations." presented at the 2011 Health Plan Contracting Web Summit on Thursday, May 19th, 2011.
Source URL: http://www.healthwebsummit.com/

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