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Changes in The Health Care Marketplace and Their Likelihood Over The Next Five Years (Percent of Employers Saying it is Likely)

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  1. Health care price transparency supports point-of-care decisions and value of care delivered - 49%
  2. New technologies are adopted to create new access points for health care - 45%
  3. Providers are reimbursed based on improvements in quality, efficiency and health outcomes - 39%
  4. Value-based benefit designs are adopted providing different coverage levels based on value or cost of services - 37%
  5. Care is delivered through highly coordinated provider models such as ACOs or patient-centered medical homes - 29%
  6. Employers offer defined contribution coverage where employees pay the difference between total cost of plan selected and employer subsidy - 28%
  7. Employers provide access to a private or corporate health exchange where employees select from various plan options - 24%
  8. Health care price increases are contained at rate of increase in general infl┬Čation - 7%

Source: Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health
Source URL: http://www.towerswatson.com/en/Insights/IC-Types/Survey-Rese...

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