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Benefits Law Advisor: 8 Steps to Success in Having an On-Site Health Clinic and HSAs

Submitted by ASchreiber on Wed, 11/29/2017 - 14:14

  1. Drill down on all of the medical benefits provided by the on-site clinic
  2. Delineate the clinic’s permissible benefits
  3. Delineate the clinic’s significant medical benefits
  4. Identify the procedure for calculating FMV of a significant benefit, if there are any
  5. Vet out which employees need to pay for any significant benefits
  6. Identify what the deductible is per employee
  7. Keep track of the employee payments towards annual deductible limits
  8. Vet out TRICARE/Medicare/Medicaid employees

Source: Benefits Law Advisor, November 3, 2017
Source URL: https://www.benefitslawadvisor.com/2017/11/articles/affordab...

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