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9 Great Health & Emergency Preparedness Apps for Smartphones (warning: iphone centric)

Submitted by Kevin Gemulla on Tue, 10/25/2011 - 06:21

  1. BioAgent Facts by Center for Biosecurity of University of Pittsburgh Medical
  2. LIFE360 Family Locator by Life360
  3. SF Heroes by By CosmiCube Inc.
  4. iMapWeather Radio By Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
  5. Disaster Readiness By phoneflips
  6. Sickweather by Sickweather LLC
  7. Walgreens By Walgreen Co.
  8. Hands-Only CPR By Jive Media LLC
  9. WebMD By WebMD

Notes: Please visit http://thehealthdigital.com for more details on these apps.

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