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2013 Average Rank Given to Predictive Modeling Initiatives to Prioritize How an Organization Could Spend its Funds on Predictive Modeling

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  1. Identification of High-Risk Patients for Care Management - 2.69
  2. Plan Design Development - 5.72
  3. Fraud Prevention - 6.83
  4. Treatment Guideline Development - 5.13
  5. Provider Profiling for Network Development - 5.58
  6. Provider Payment Rate and Restructuring - 5.93
  7. Premium Rate Development - 6.66
  8. Medicare / Medicaid Population Financial Modeling - 4.8
  9. Target Marketing Based on Customer / Prospect Risk Scores - 6.48
  10. Readmission Prediction Initiatives - 4.62

Notes: Participants were asked: Suppose you had to prioritize how an organization could spend its funds on predictive modeling initiatives involving health benefits, and you were given a list of 10 items to prioritize. How would you rank them? (1= highest priority / 10 = lowest priority; rank them 1 through 10)
Source: MCOL e-Poll
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