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20 Investment Niches: Evolution of Healthcare Investment Area

Submitted by Randall Clough on Wed, 08/13/2014 - 18:54

  1. Urgent Care- There was an almost 20 percent growth in existing clinics in the past four years
  2. Pain Management- This is driven by the core pain business and revenues from ancillary services— such as lab testing and ambulatory surgery centers
  3. Specialized Urgent Care- Along with growth in urgent care comes the evolution of orthopedic-specific urgent care
  4. Dental Practice Management- In the past decade alone, more than 25 private equity firms have invested significantly in dental practice management
  5. Dermatology- There are opportunities for specific situations in dermatology where people make outsize profits
  6. Lab Businesses- The growth rate of lab business billed to Medicare is three times that of other businesses
  7. For-Profit Hospital Operators- There are huge, publicly traded for-profit companies that have enjoyed large growth in the last couple years
  8. Medical devices- The medical device arena continues to focus around the five to 10 largest companies
  9. Care and Case Management- With healthcare delivery changing, and the number of managed care entities growing, a new kind of care management company has evolved
  10. ACO Back Office Services- With the growing number of ACOs in the U.S., a great deal of companies — small, mid-sized and large — have developed around providing them services
  11. Anesthesia Practice Management- These companies serve both major hospital systems and a number of smaller companies that provide services on a regional basis or surgery centers
  12. Ambulatory Surgery Centers- With approximately 5,500 ASCs in the country, they continue to deliver solid profits
  13. Revenue Cycle Management- The number of revenue cycle management companies focused on the outsourcing of billing and collections continues to increase
  14. Valuation Firms- The Stark Law and the federal Anti-Kickback Statute requiring valuations for almost everything hospitals do, it is no surprise a number of valuation firms have grown around healtcare
  15. Healthcare Investment Bankers- These banks offer healthcare organizations a broad range of services and products such as public and private equity to investor-owned and tax-exempt providers
  16. Health IT- Healthcare reform initiatives have led many health systems to invest heavily in IT
  17. EHRs- As the EHR market has matured, a once-crowded field of vendors has narrowed significantly
  18. Behavioral Health- The spike in interest is due to the increased demand for behavioral health services especially in the substance abuse buisness
  19. Specialty Pharmacy- There continues to be great interest in the development and funding of specialty pharmacy distribution companies, as well as the actual development of pharmaceuticals
  20. Behavioral Health With A Focus On Substance Abuse- The PPACA's expansion of coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse specifically has garnered the interest of investors

Source: Beckers Hospital Review
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