Privacy Policy

HealthExecMobile is committed to providing subscribers free content in which your internet e-mail address privacy is protected. The following is our policy regarding subscriber e-mail address privacy.

Collection of personal information

The only information collected from subscribers to register is their e-mail address. HealthExecMobile subscribers registered through their MCOL membership also include job level, geographic region and organizational type categories in addition to their email address in their subscriber records for purposes of distribution list segmentation. This segmentation information is not available to third parties at the individual record level. Certain subscribers are automatically registered through other services that partner to provide their subscribers HealthExecMobile.

E-Mail News Releases from HealthExecMobile

HealthExecMobile subscribers will receive periodic news releases regarding participating companies that submit releases through HealthExecMobile. The frequency of these periodic releases will be daily on most business days.

Limitation on use of collected information

HealthExecMobile will not sell or exchange registered e-mail addresses to any other party or organization without the explicit permission of the user, nor will it supplement this information with information provided by 3rd party providers. HealthExecMobile reserves the right to transfer title of its distribution list(s) to a 3rd party at any time.

Update/delete/deactivate E-Mail Services

Anyone can request changes to e-mail services delivered by HealthExecMobile, including requests to receive no e-mail services. An unsubscribe option is provided in HealthExecMobile e-mail releases as well as in the HealthExecMobile web site.

Changes to this policy

Although HealthExecMobile does not intend to change its privacy policy, it will announce to subscribers if a change is planned.